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2011-05-05 Information Gatekeepers (IGI) has just published a new market report “Plastic Optical Fiber Market & Technology Assessment Study – 2011.”
May 5, 2011 Based on recent developments in the industrial controls, consumer electronics, and automotive applications, IGI forecasts major growth and opportunities in the Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) market. Major developments in each of these three markets are providing the major drivers pushing POF technology into the mainstream. Major factors behind this sharp increase in market demand are the need for lower-cost interconnections, increased performance requirements (higher speeds), introduction of digital electronics, electromagnetic noise and interference, and the development of standards. In addition, POF technology has shown dramatic developments in lower loss and higher performance, due to the recent commercialization of new perfluorinated (PF) graded index (GI) and PMMA GI fibers, and of new optical sources.
The plastic optical fiber (POF) data business is going through a period of extraordinary growth driven by the automotive manufacturers in Europe and by new technology development. Industrial controls and medical applications continue to be the bedrock of the industry, and they, too, are experiencing healthy growth. Unlike the telecommunications field, the POF business covers many industries and is not as vulnerable to industry downturns.
New technological developments in sources, connectors, and fibers are expanding the bandwidth-distance limits of POF into new applications. After many years of playing second fiddle to the glass optical fiber business, POF is now starting to get the recognition it deserves. Some are even saying that POF could be a disruptive technology.

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